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Lovingly guarding the fragile footsteps of the innocent, empowering them to grow in grace and truth.

Immanuel Christian School for the Deaf

IMMANUEL CHRISTIAN SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF Ringa, Kenya We were able to dedicate the newly constructed dormitory at the Immanuel Deaf School on 31 May 2012. During that same visit we also worked to develop a long range development plan. Please visit our Ongoing Projects page and learn about the long range initiatives we are working to put into play. Two years ago, we were able to purchase a piece of real estate adjacent to the rental property where the school is located in the town of Ringa. Our hope was to have property that we could effectively farm to grow food with which we could better feed the children and meet their nutritional needs. Little did we know the critical role this 1 1/2 acre plot of land would play in our ongoing development. In the fall of 2011 the owner of the rented property where the boys were living sold it and informed the school they would have to vacate it almost immediately. Meaning, that when they returned from their winter break (January of 2012)the boys would have no housing. In response to this desperate need our friends from all around the world responded and by March of 2012 the new dormitory pictured here was completed. Michael Gantt had the privilege of dedicating the building in May when he visited with a team. While at the school in May Pastor Gantt sat down with headmaster, Wesley Agengo and the school board to develop a long term plan that would continue to address the needs of growing student population for the present and future. The plan is multi stage and involves both new construction and purchase of additional property.

Interior of the first of two 65 bed dormitories

Our ongoing development planning calls for the construction of another 65 bed dormitory, the replacement of the temporary sheet metal classroom building with a permanent masonry classroom and office building, and the purchase of three additional plots of land which will enable us to grow enough food to feed the children as well as to produce income from local markets, thus sustaining the school financially.

Current Classroom at Immanuel Deaf School

A ninety foot long non-insulated sheet metal building passes for a classroom presently.
Our planning calls for this temporary building to be replaced with a masonry building (2 floors) which will comfortably handle all class room needs and administrative offices.

Corn and Beans on Our Own Land

From a steady diet of Ugali (corn meal cake), the children now eat corn, beans, greens and chicken grown on school property.
After some pretty lean years, the development process is bearing fruit - and we mean fruit of the edible kind. The school grows much of its own food now. There are also two milk cows who provide milk for the children (and we understand now that both of them are pregnant, so there's more on the way.)


Two huge bulls work the land (currently rented) that we hope to purchase for our agricultural projects.
Ultimately, we hope to obtain a tractor which will able the land to be more productive - but also provide income for the school by hiring it out. The land shown here is currently rented, but the goal is to purchase it and transform this land into a bountiful provider of food and income.

New Teacher's Office

This new addition to our property at Immanuel is almost completed at this time.
This teacher's room will provide important study and preparation space for the teachers, as well as a place to rest when they have a few moments.

A Light At The End Of A Very Dark Tunnel

Just imagine - Just imagine that your head is filled with brilliant ideas and glorious aspirations; hopes and dreams fill your heart - but its like they are locked up inside of you, with no way out. You have no way of communicating those brilliant and marvelous dreams to anyone around you. You have no language. You cannot hear sounds nor can you speak words. You see books, but have no idea what the strange markings in them are. Your parents and family are ashamed of you and treat you like you are stupid. You are trapped in a prison of silence with amazing things bottled up inside - - and you have no way to release them.

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