Immanuel Deaf Churches


Immanuel Deaf Churches of Kenya

Pastor Josephat Mulongo - General Overseer

Josephat Mulongo

Pastor and General Overseer of the Immanuel Deaf Churches of Kenya
Pastor Josephay Iyadi Mulongo is located in the city of Nairobi but oversees 43 Deaf ministry centers spread out all over Kenya. In addition to overseeing these ministry centers which are spread out all over the country, Pastor Josephat also oversees the work at the Immanuel Christian School for the Deaf. We are blessed to have a godly man who gives both pastoral and administrative oversight to the school.

Immanuel Deaf Church in Nairobi

Reaching The Deaf in Kenya with the Gospel of Christ
The Immanuel Church in Nairobi meets on the 7th floor of a bank building in the busy city of Nairobi, KENYA. On Sunday's it is filled to overflow with worshippers. The crowd spills out into an adjacent hallway where a television feed sends the signal out to them. Josephat Mulongo leads a dynamic team of young Deaf men and women who are taking the gospel to the Deaf throughout the nation.

Pastor Geoffrey Mbugua

Associate Pastor
Pastor Mulongo is assisted in the nationwide ministry to the Deaf by Pastor Geoffrey Mbugua and his family.

Josephat Mulongo-Part of the Oversight Team for ICSD

Pastor Josephat Mulongo, Kenya Director for Deaf Ministries International provides direct oversight for the Kenya Christian School for the Deaf. He is there to insure that the children are well cared for and that business at the school operates with transparency and integrity. He is a godly man with a vision for the Deaf. In the future, we believe he is going to be a pivotal figure in the evangelization among the Deaf in East Africa.

Baptizing Deaf Believers

The Deaf are coming to Christ
As Josephat Mulongo travels the length and breadth of Kenya, from Lake Victoria to Mombassa, the Deaf are responding to the call to repent and be baptized for the remission of sins.

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