Ongoing Projects

CONSTRUCTION IS NOW UNDERWAY – New Academic/Administrative Center

new elevation

10 Classrooms/4 Administrative Office/Welcome Center

The first floor of the new Immanuel Christian School Academic and Administration Center is poured and the supports are being set up for the second floor slab. Pouring will begin soon.

The first floor of the new Immanuel Christian School Academic and Administration Center is poured and the supports are being set up for the second floor slab. Pouring will begin soon.

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Immanuel Christian School for the Deaf

"And everyone heard the mighty works of God in his own language" (Acts 2)

Moving Forward from Here

I am so encouraged about our progress at IMMANUEL CHRISTIAN SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF! During my most recent visit this past May/June I saw so many signs that Wesley Agengo and his fine staff are truly getting the job done. Just five years ago, the quality of education at the school was very weak, and in many ways had stalled altogether because of some serious problems. Our Headmaster, Wesley and Deaf Ministries International Director, Neville Muir took courageous and purposeful steps to address and correct those issues and today, this school is a fine example of what dedicated and faithful men and women can do, with God's help to make the life of these students so much more promising. This year, students representing Immanuel Christian School for the Deaf stood for National Exams for the first time and out of 39 schools for the Deaf in Kenya, our little school in Ringa ranked SECOND IN THE NATION! I am so blessed by the faithfulness of the staff and faculty and in particular with the fine work that Wesley Agengo has done.

Rev. Michael Gantt, Exec. Director

Senior Pastor, Agape Christian Fellowship Brattleboro, Vermont USA
Michael Gantt has been traveling and ministering in East Africa for over 20 years. His passion has always been to be where no one else is, to go where no one else is going. From church planting to leadership development he has been active in the life of the church in Kenya for two decades. Now, his heart is to provide a chance for those who have no chance. "I grew up without a father on the 'wrong side of the tracks' and didn't stand a chance in life until God sent a man into my life who changed everything. With God's help, I will be that man for the children of Immanuel."

Developing for the future now!

During our most recent visit, we began to develop an aggressive development plan for the school. The staff and I, along with the head of the School Board did a complete map of the property that is now occupied by the school as well as some adjacent properties to the school. We believe we have developed a strategy which will advance the cause of the Deaf with remarkable clarity - and will possibly even result in the establishment of a small college for the Deaf in Kenya, providing undergraduate study and greatly enhanced opportunity for personal advancement. It is a remarkably visionary plan and I am blessed to work with such a motivated group of men and women.

We Have Completed Construction on the New All Purpose Building

All Children are now housed, fed, and taught in facilities entirely owned by the school. There can be no sudden evictions or extortions for higher rent.

New Dorm Financed in 2012

In just four months and for a cost of only $11,000 we were able to erect this 65 bed dormitory.
In late 2011 the boy students were evicted from the building where they had been housed because the landlord had sold the property. With the help of generous friends from around the world the Kenya Development Fund was able to finance the construction of this 65 bed dormitory. IN 2014 WE WERE ABLE TO CONSTRUCT A NEW DORM IDENTICAL TO THIS ONE. Now, all students are housed on school owned property. Our next project is a new Dining Hall/Kitchen. You can use the button below to make a donation right now using your PayPal account or a Credit Card. You do not have to have a PayPal Account to use this feature.

New Dining Hall

The new Dining Hall/Kitchen/All purpose building is now complete. The children have a clean and safe environment in which to prepare food, eat, and enjoy fellowship together.
Once the new facility was up and running we realized that it is now the finest gathering place in the area. We are confident that the new building will also become an income producing facility, with area parties already inquiring about renting it for special events.

DAIRY COW HERD Wesley Agengo, Headmaster at the Immanuel Christian School for the Deaf is working hard to initiate a dairy cow program at the school. This will provide additional nutritional capacity for the school and significant income from marketing of milk. They currently have two milk cows (both of whom are pregnant) which are producing milk. A small group at Agape Christian Fellowship has desired to give the school a cow, but the group is too small to be able to fund the entire cost (around $750.00). So, we are looking for sponsors who can partner with this small group ministry to add another cow to the "herd" at ICSD. If you would like to help toward this project you can send a check to KENYA DEVELOPMENT FUND, 30 Canal Street, Brattleboro, Vermont 05301, or give via PayPal or Credit card by clicking the donate button at the bottom of this page. Simply send a reminder that the funds you are giving are for the purchase of a cow.
IMPROVED SANITATION Over 100 people use open latrines for toilet facilities. Over the course of the next couple of years we would like to work to install flush toilets to replace the open latrines. This will provide significant improvement in waste management and rid the school of the constant odor of human waste. There are approximately 7 open latrines at the school now which we would like to eventually replace with flush toilets. The water can easily be obtained through water tanks which collect rainwater and then can be gravity fed to furnish the toilets. We estimate that the cost of an enclosed, fully plumbed flush toilet to be in the neighborhood of $1,000 each. If you would like to contribute to this project so that we can continue to make health improvements for the students and staff, click the donate button at the bottom of this page. Make sure you send a memo as to where you want your money to be applied. Simply memo: Sanitation Project. You can also send a check to: KENYA DEVELOPMENT FUND, 30 CANAL STREET, BRATTLEBORO, VT 05301


Even the smallest of donations will move us toward the realization of these goals. These are not frills - they are real needs.

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