Progress Reports


Students Gather for Morning Assembly

We are progressing in the development of facilities and security at the school. The student body is growing rapidly!

A brand new 65 bed dormitory is completed, dedicated, and occupied. God has blessed us with support sufficient to complete two 65 bed dorms in the past four years. With the completion of the new All Purpose Building which includes kitchen and dining facilities; our campus is almost complete. As soon as possible (hopefully by the end of 2016 we will construct the new Academic and Administrative Center and our campus will be complete.

Dairy Herd is Growing

The farm is growing, allowing a variety of resources for nutrition and marketing for income. The school now has 7 head of cattle, 2 sheep, 1 donkey, a rabbit hutch full of rabbits and a poultry farm.

New High Yield Milker

Wesley Agengo reports that the school recently added a new high yield milk cow. A small group from a local church is currently raising money to purchase another milk cow for the school. If you would like to contribute - go to our Ongoing Projects Page.

New Security Measures

In addition to sustainability projects the Kenya Development Fund is very concerned about facilities and security. We are currently endeavoring to raise funds for a new van and a new dormitory. Pictured here is the new entry gate to the school.

Lambs for the Sheep Fold

The animal population at the school is growing rapidly and is enhanced by the beginnings of a flock of sheep. As you may be aware - mutton is a primary source of meat in Kenya.

We Have Almost Reached Our Goal of $11,000 for a New Van

We are just a few hundred dollars away from having enough money in the bank to purchase much needed transportation for the school. Please go to our Donations Page and give a gift of any size today to help us reach our goal.

New Dorm Will Insure that all children are housed on school property

After we have purchased a van for the school, we will turn our focus toward completing the second new dorm called for in our 5 year plan. You can donate toward this new dorm on our Donations Page.

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